BINGHAMTON UNIVERSITY -Binghamton University students had a chance to learn about how they can become better engaged in life off-campus.

The 10th annual B-U Community Fair was held Tuesday at the University.

The fair brings in local organizations and non-profits looking for student volunteers or even interns.

Every year, students look to build lasting connections and relationships that may help them in their future careers.

Associate Director for Civic Engagement at BU, Alison Twang, says that every year the fair gets bigger in terms of student participation.

“I think one message we’d really like to share with the community is that our students are here, they’re living here for four years, they’re part of our community and they are really looking for ways to get involved, so we invite any local businesses, non-profits, to reach out to us if they’re looking for ways to connect with campus. Our office serves as a clearing house for all of those connections,” says Twang.

Organizations looking to get in touch with the university are encouraged to reach out to the Civic Engagement center.

They can also log into their online data base to express their interest as well.