BINGHAMTON, NY – An employee of the Binghamton University Police Department is being praised for volunteering his services on behalf of Afghan refugees.

Amir Aslamkahn is a security assistant with B-U Police.

He is also of Afghan descent.

Although he grew up in New York, he learned to speak Dari communicating with his parents and grandparents.

He moved to our area when he was a teenager.

Earlier this year, he took a 2 month unpaid leave to travel to Michigan where he served as an interpreter for unaccompanied Afghan children.

Aslamkahn says it was very rewarding to be able to bridge not only language but cultural barriers as well.

“The one word that comes to mind above anything else is hopefulness. The most common things that I was interacting with or experiencing were questions about how to learn English, what kind of work to get, how to adjust into the environment, how to adjust into the communities and society in America and things like that.” says Aslamkhan.

Aslamkahn says he assisted in translating legal documents and interpreting for the kids in healthcare and educational settings.

His boss Police Chief John Pelletier says the contribution was typical of Aslamkahn.