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Binghamton University Dining Services gives food away to BU employees

BINGHAMTON, NY – Binghamton University Dining Services is finding a way to help BU employees during this difficult time.

The dining service, also known as BUDS, held a food giveaway today on campus.

There were a variety of food options ranging from pre-prepared meals such as chicken alfredo and macaroni and cheese, to fresh ingredients such as lettuce and radishes.

The man who spearheaded this giveaway was BUDS Executive Chef Charlie Williams.

Williams believes that with many BU dining facility employees now out of work, and plenty of food left over, this was one way he and his staff could lend a hand.

“We typically, when we close down at the end of the semester, we have a lot of time to plan for it. We start reducing our inventories on campus. We start trying to use our products here, rather than purchasing things. Without the advanced notice because of the virus, we just didn’t have the opportunity to do that. So, we were left with a good surplus of food, and we thought, what better way to utilize it than try to get it in the hands of our staff who are really affected by this terrible pandemic as well,” says Williams.

The giveaway ran from 10 to 2, with roughly 200 people showing up in the first half hour.

By the end of the four-hour window, BUDS was happy to announce that they gave away the entire supply