A local artist is bringing Columbus Park in Binghamton from blight to bling with the help of four high school students.

Binghamton street artist Emily Jablon is going to install a mosaic along the Carroll Street entrance to the park.

But before the tiles go up on the retaining wall, her crew spends 4 weeks in her studio laying them out.

Jablon’s four workers are being paid by the Binghamton Housing Authority and Broome County Youth Development programs.

Jablon says the design is a collaboration between her and the students.

“We’ve never met before this, they’ve had no training before this. On day 1 they’re kind of dumped in here and they’re kind of here to stay for the month. And as we get to know each other, we kind of figure out where their strengths are and where they want to develop their skills,” said Jablon.

Half of the wall is being covered this summer with the remainder completed next year.

Once finished, it will span 800 square feet and be Jablon’s largest mosaic to date.

She says she’s looking to raise $15,000 in order to pay for next year’s work.

To donate, got to JablonStudios.com.