Binghamton Rotary hosts genetic counselor speaking on benefits of genetic testing


BINGHAMTON, NY – The Binghamton Rotary Club hosted a special guest last week to discuss a growing way to address health and wellness.

Luba Djurdinovic is a genetic counselor who helps reduce the risk of severe illness by looking at a person’s genetics.

Djurdinovic says the need for genetic testing is growing, as having an awareness of your family history can help a person understand their risk for cancer, possible pregnancy complications and more.

She adds that the next 20 years will be transformative for the field.

The first step is understanding illnesses and problems that run in your own family.

“People often come to me and say they never knew that they had a grandparent or a cousin with a particular condition which really could put them at risk. Now fortunately, most families, because we all live long enough, we all have health issues, so not everything is inherited. But, it’s a first step,” says Djurdjinovic.

Djurdjinovic adds that people should be careful when using kits such as 23 and Me, as those results can be inaccurate.

For more information on genetic testing and wellness, Djurdjinovic says to have a conversation with your doctor.

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