Binghamton responds to snow storm


BINGHATON, NY – Snow plows in Binghamton are busy at work trying to clear the snow.

Mayor Rich David spoke with NewsChannel 34 this afternoon.

He says that the primary and secondary roads in the city have been largely cleared, and that crews are now focusing on the side streets.

David says the city prepared for the storm by asking residents to move their vehicles off the street and cancelling garbage pickup for this morning.

The Mayor says they had a well laid out plan.

“We’ve obviously learned a lot of lessons from Winter Storm Stella in 2017. We purchased new and better equipment. We have different management, different plans. And our approach is different as well and I think we are better prepared in 2020. But, the reality is Jim that we’ve had 40 inches come down in an approximate 12 hour period. So, that’s unprecedented. So we’re going to have to take a day to dig out,” says David.

David asks residents to please move their vehicles off the road if they haven’t already done so, and to please not shovel, plow or snowblow snow into the street.

Sammi DeCicco is a Binghamton University student from Long Island.

She and her roommate, Emily, took their puppies into the snow this morning.

“I am actually planning on going home for the holidays and my parents tried to convince me to come home on Tuesday but I said, ‘Nah, it’s fine.’ And then I woke up this morning and was like ‘Okay, yeah.’ This is a lot of snow. I was really shocked,” says DeCicco.

Mayor David says the goal is to have all the streets passable by 24 hours after the snow stopped falling, which would be late tomorrow morning.

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