BINGHAMTON, NY – The City of Binghamton is investing millions of dollars into Mirabito Stadium in an effort to please Major League Baseball and secure the future of the Rumble Ponies.

Mayor Rich David tells NewsChannel 34 that the city plans to bond for 2 point 75 million dollars to make renovations required by M-L-B.

David says it’s a short list of improvements, primarily dealing with the player locker rooms.

The Mayor says M-L-B wants larger locker rooms with better amenities, plus bigger offcies for coaches as well as facilities to accommodate female umpires or coaches.

Deficiencies in the city-owned stadium were among the reasons stated when Binghamton was at risk of losing its double-A franchise.

David says the upgrades are being used to negotiate a long-term lease extension with Rumble Ponies owner John Hughes.

The spending was already approved as part of the city’s 2022 budget and funds to pay off the debt will come from the city’s general fund.

A virtual public hearing on the bond is scheduled for tomorrow evening at 6.