BINGHAMTON, NY – The Republican candidate for Binghamton Mayor says it’s long past due to overhaul the city’s ethics rules.

Jared Kraham, who is currently the Deputy Mayor, introduced legislation during City Council’s work session yesterday evening.

Kraham says the package of 9 proposals would reform the city’s Code of Ethics which has not been updated for over 50 years.

Among the changes are mandatory annual ethics training for city officials, including citizen members of boards and commissions.

Kraham would also designate an attorney within the city’s Office of Corporation Counsel to serve as a Public Integrity Officer who could both investigate complaints and be a resource of information for other employees.

“They just build on the best practices that we see at the state level, and key recommendations from entities like the New York Conference of Mayors, the New York State Bar Association and other folks who have really taken the time to study what makes effective ethics laws and legislation,” says Kraham.

Kraham also wants to prohibit appointed city employees from also serving as political party officials or members of political committees.

He says constituents shouldn’t have to worry about whether city officials are working for the city or their party.

Kraham faces Democrat Joe Burns in November.

Mayor Rich David cannot run again due to term limits.