April is National Donate Life Month; a time to remember and acknowledge those impacted by organ and tissue donations.

Broome County Clerk Joe Mihalko, Binghamton Mayor Jared Kraham and representatives from advocacy groups gathered outside of City Hall this morning to raise a flag dedicated to Donate Life Month.

Mihalko oversees two local DMV offices where drivers are encouraged to register to be organ and tissue donors when getting their licenses.

Over nine-thousand New Yorkers are waiting to receive a life-saving transplant. Charlotte Heil’s husband received a liver eleven years ago. Heil says being on a transplant list is a roller coaster of emotions.

Wife of Transplant Recipient Charlotte Heil says, “When he, the doctor, said there was a liver, I literally, you know the saying now ‘you hit the roof,’ I felt like I was going to hit the ceiling I was so happy.”

New York currently has the lowest per capita amount of registered donors in the country. Signing-up takes around five minutes and can be done by visiting https://donatelife.ny.gov.