Binghamton Johnson City Sewage Board update


BINGHAMTON, NY – The Binghamton Johnson City Joint Sewage Board held its monthly meeting yesterday, and had some good news revealed to its members.

The board learned that phosphorous and nitrogen levels in the wastewater going from the treatment plant in Vestal into the nearby Susquehanna River have significantly decreased over the last month, and now they are much lower than required by the Department of Environmental Conservation.

The dramatic decrease is being attributed to new treatment practices at the plant.

The board says the levels have not been this low in about a decade.

Sewage Board Vice Chairman George Kolba Junior says the flow into the Susquehanna is now safe, which was one of the board’s biggest goals.

“It’s the cleanest waste treatment plant in New York State. The water is, if you look at it in a glass, I don’t advise you drink it, but look at a glass. It’s just as clear as your tap water,” says Kolba.

The plant has been undergoing a major renovation in recent years, including installing flood walls to prevent damages similar to those the plant sustained in the 2011 flood.

The final cost of the project is expected to be in the range of 276 million dollars, which is an increase over projections from previous years.

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