BINGHAMTON, NY (WIVT/WBGH) – What might have been a lonely trip to Albany for the state tournament got a big send off for a Binghamton High School athlete today.

Freshman Samantha Dalmolen was treated to what the school calls a “Clap-Out” as she left to begin her trip.

The tennis player is the number 2 seed in the section heading to the single elimination tournament that begins tomorrow.

This is her second year on the varsity team.

Dalmolen says this year she focused on her mental game and trying to stay positive.

Dalmolen says, “I think I’m good with my speed. I haven’t been playing for awhile so my form isn’t the best. But I think I surprise my opponents a lot with the way I’m able to get to their shots and I’m able to move around the court quickly.”

Dalmolen says she’ll be one of 32 competitors in the girls tennis championship and the only tennis player from Binghamton headed to Albany.