BINGHAMTON, N.Y. (WIVT/WBGH) – As Veterans Day draws near, Binghamton is honoring veterans with roadside banners to acknowledge their service to our country.

As part of this program, the honored veterans and their families gathered for a dedication and unveiling ceremony at Visions Veterans Memorial Arena this afternoon. Officials from the V-A presented guests with certificates and acrylic plaques of their banners, as well as the unveiling of the banner of Major General John C Robinson, a Medal of Honor recipient.

Military men and women from a variety of eras are represented with banners, with service time ranging from the 1800s to as recent as 2020.

Sergeant Cara Tilton of the Marines, one of those honored, says this diverse grouping highlights how the military is a family.

“We have our sibling rivalry amongst our branches of service, but they are all my brothers and sisters in arms regardless of when they served, where they served or whether they’re here or not,” Tilton said. “It just feels great to be amongst them. Some great people. I mean, y’all have seen the banners. I’m amongst some great people so I’m really appreciative of it.”

Once the honorees received their certificates, the veterans joined in singing popular military songs, before veterans appreciation certificates were issued to all present vets.

If you want to see the banners for yourself, they line the Bevier Street Bridge in Binghamton.