BINGHAMTON, NY – Today’s shooting took place on the same day that Binghamton High School was touting its new security features.

In the past, students would enter and scan their student ID’s to confirm they were a student, then bag checks would happen.

However, in light of recent events that took place prior to winter break, BHS worked quickly to install new equipment.

There is a new scanning system, which is a non-invasive system for students, faculty and visitors that is intended to keep BHS safe from threats.

“I have not heard anything but people truly saying they feel safer in this building already. There coming in and they’re seeing we also have additional personals in the lobby and it’s just an immediate safer feeling. Especially considering a few of the challenges we went through before winter break,” says Associate Principal Miriam Purdy.

This new security measure was implemented when the students returned back to school this week after break due to a fire being started in a bathroom, and then a fight broke out outside when everyone had to evacuate.

The Superintendent, Tonia Thompson, says many city school districts have experienced an up-tick in violence after 18 months of remote learning.

“We have Patriot Pride, and we know what Patriot Pride means so we really need to instill that in the actions of our students both in campus and off campus, and that’s also in the works,” says Thompson.

Some other measures include, teachers will now only allow one student out of class at a time in hopes of decreasing activity in the halls.

Students cannot leave any classroom for the 1st and last 5 minutes of class.

There will also be an increased presence of staff in the hallways checking passes.

Thompson added they will continue to work with students, parents and staff to come up with new ideas on how to keep everyone safe.