Binghamton High School prepares for drive-thru Thanksgiving dinner


BINGHAMTON, NY – The pandemic has forced Binghamton High School students to alter the way it helps people celebrate Thanksgiving.

B-H-S will once again host its annual Thanksgiving Dinner, but food must be taken from drive-through or walk-through pick-up stations.

Due to COVID, guests will not be able to enjoy the meal in the school’s cafeteria as before.

The students will have 500 meals ready to go for those in need, but they will need to be warmed up.

The food packs will include instructions on how to heat them.

Event organizer Kaylin Piza-Taylor says the school is trying to make the best of a challenging situation.

“I want to make sure that we have everything that we need done for the dinner to make it run smoothly. All the prep work getting up to that, getting the volunteers, and making sure that it’s all organized properly, it’s a lot. I’m just hopeful that it works out,” says Piza-Taylor.

The dinners will have all the holiday essentials.

Turkey, mashed potatoes, cranberry sauce, and more will be loaded into each container.

B-H-S Junior Allyson Lauth says the people working the event are ready to go.

“We are both very happy to be giving back to our community, and to be giving out to people who are in need. This dinner is an important thing to us. It’s something that we all really care about, and we’re all happy to be giving back to the people who need it,” says Lauth.

Staffing for the event is limited to 25 people to accommodate the state’s COVID regulations.

Buses will be active from 11 AM until 3 on Thanksgiving Day.

You can find a bus schedule at Binghamton Homepage dot com.

People walking to the school can pick up a meal at the front entryway on Oak Street, and people driving can pick up a meal at the back of the school.

Find the bus schedule below.

Thanksgiving Dinner Bus Schedule 2020 by Emily Venuti on Scribd

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