BINGHAMTON, NY – Binghamton High School continues its celebration of seniors, this time with a socially distanced barbecue.

The district held its Senior Drive Thru B-B-Q today in the parking lot of the historic Lackawanna Train Station on Lewis Street.

Students picked up their caps and gowns, senior t-shirts, graduation cords and more.

Train station owner Mark Yonaty treated them to ice cream and a barbecue lunch.

Students were assigned a pick up time as they adhered to New York State’s guidelines.

Principal Kevin Richman says the district continues to think of new and unique ways to support the seniors.

“It’s been hard. But the reality is that we have to step up as a district as a leadership, to be able to adapt and show our kids how much we love them and care about them and it’s just one of the ways we’re doing that,” says Richman.

Senior Xaneya Thomas feels appreciated during this tough time and is grateful to be able to keep up with her friends via social media.

She says events like these is what makes Binghamton stand out.

“To just have everything cancelled and then we have to work around that, I definitely think it’s made us better people though, because now we know how to be adaptive and know how to adapt to our climate. So, I definitely think it’ll help us in the long run,” says Thomas.

Thomas adds her cap and gown have felt like a long time coming, but she’s as proud as ever to call herself a Patriot.