With a new era of hockey set to begin this fall, the Binghamton Devils are showing off their new colors.

On Saturday, the team’s logo and jerseys were unveiled in front of 2,200 people at the Floyd Maines Arena.

The primary colors are red, black and white and the team will feature four logos.

Two of them include the “helmet head” design that will appear on the front of the jerseys.

Another logo featured on the shoulder of the jersey depicts a devil’s trident inside a hockey puck with “Binghamton” written on the bottom.

Tom Mitchell is the Binghamton Devils Executive Vice President of Operations.

Even though New Jersey owns the minor league franchise, Mitchell says the community will continue to support Binghamton hockey.

“We don’t own the franchise, we operate it for them. They’re going to be watching what we do, and we’re going to do it right. I know this community will be behind us and we’ll get it done right,” said Mitchell.

New Jersey has signed a 5-year agreement to affiliate their team in Binghamton, which representatives say is an unprecedented investment.

They say previous minor league agreements typically include a 2-year deal with an opt out clause each year.

New Jersey Devils President Hugh Weber says they chose Binghamton because of the strong hockey market, its proximity to the parent club and quality facilities.

The team was formerly located in Albany and played at the Times Union Center.

In Albany, the team would have to practice at other venues because the Times Union Center was being booked for other events.

He says in Binghamton, the hockey team is the priority, which is a big plus.

“The team here is the primary tenant. The scheduling is good here, we can practice in the actual building where we play our games and we don’t have to move around facilities. That’s a huge benefit,” said Weber.

The Devils will wear White jerseys at home and red on the road for the first half of the year, before flip-flopping for the 2nd half, per AHL rules.

While they maintain the historic New Jersey striping on the sides, the helmet head logo is something new for the Devils.

The Binghamton Devils home opener is scheduled for October 7th.