Binghamton City Councilman Joe Mihalko has announced his candidacy for Broome County Clerk.

NewsChannel 34 spoke with Mihalko Wednesday morning.

He says he’d like to invest more resources in the rural satellite DMV offices to lower wait times.

The Republican also says he’d like to have local offices offer EZ Pass which he says cannot be purchased in our area.

In addition he wants to use technology to find ways to streamline services

Mihalko says he’s always been a hard worker who’s dedicated to his constituents.

“My record on City Council has been a good one.  I think if people take a look at that, they’ll see that I’m a hard worker who wants to help people out and I also want to streamline things,” said Mihalko.

Broome County Democrats say they plan on running a candidate, but one has not been chosen.

Current Broome County Clerk Rick Blythe is retiring at the end of his term.

Mihalko lives on Binghamton’s West Side with his wife and three children.