BINGHAMTON, NY – As we get closer to the start of hockey season in Binghamton, the Black Bears are having its first open house.

This is an opportunity for fans and the public to come out and learn more about this new Federal Prospects Hockey League team.

The head coach, James Henry along with the team owner, Andreas Johansson will be there to answer any questions you may have.

The Black Bear mascot will be in attendance at Saturdays open house.

Johansson says a million and one things have been happening behind the scenes to get ready for the season opener.

“So you’re recruiting players, you’re getting ready to put a competitive team on the ice to bring a championship here which is what the fans deserve. At the same time you’re working on everything off the ice; you’re getting your merchandise, your jerseys designed and you’re working on everything around the arena to kind of put the new Black Bears branding in there,” says Johansson.

The event takes place this Saturday from 12 to 2.

There will be a kids play area and food as well.

Fans will be able to purchase season tickets and get some Black Bear merchandise.

To RSVP to the event, visit