BINGHAMTON, NY — The Binghamton Black bears welcomed in the community to showcase what the team will bring to the city.

Hosting an open house, hockey fans met the team owner and coach to ask questions, got merchandise, and some even snagged a season ticket.

They also showcased some renovations to the arena and had live music and different children’s activities.

Owner Andreas Johansson said that he was happy to see the excitement for the team so far, and will make sure the Black Bears continue to do things in and around the community.

“They’re here because they’re committed to being a black bear and being in Binghamton for the long haul,” Johansson said. “All of our guys get very involved in the local community, hospitals, schools, youth groups, special hockey, whatever it is. We get very involved in that and you form a very strong bond between the fans and the players.”

Johansson said that with Elmira losing its team, the schedule for games is still in the works, but should be released soon, along with the announcement of new players.

The Black Bears will play a season of about 60 games starting this fall as part of the Federal Prospects Hockey League.

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