Bills stay calm ahead of Patriot’s week


BUFFALO, N.Y. (WROC) — On Sunday two undefeated teams will face off at New Era Field – the Buffalo Bills and the New England Patriots. Even with the defending Super Bowl champions coming to town the team is remaining calm, cool, and collected.

There’s no doubt the Bills fan base would go bananas if the Bills go to 4-0 with a win over the Mighty Patriots on Sunday, but the players are trying to downplay the hype.

In fact, here’s what they think they must do to get ready for the defending champs.

“A lot of teams psych themselves out like in college with Alabama. When teams play them, they’re like “Oh my God, it’s Alabama’. But, they’re just a football team. And I think that’s what football teams do when they play the Patriots” said offensive tackle Dion Dawkins.

Dion Dawkins

“It’s another NFL game. We understand what they’ve been able to do in the past, Super Bowl rings and the players that they have and all that,” said safety Micah Hyde. “That’s kinda when a lot of guys get beat before even playing them.”

Micah Hyde

“Of course, beating the Patriots is a great feeling,” said tight end Lee Smith. “I can’t lie about that, but at the same time, I think Sean and Daboll and everybody in this building does a good job of making sure we’re paying more attention to the defense, the numbers on their back, approaching this game like we do any other one.”

Lee Smith

“We have stars just like they have stars,” said Dawkins. “They have a good line. We have a good line. We have a good D-line. They have a good D-line. It’s the NFL. These coaches and this organization put us all in a position to have a chance and that’s really all that we need.”

Dion Dawkins

Micah Hyde smiled when he thought about how the Bills might react after a win Sunday, adding, “We’re not going to go the club and throw a party if we beat New England. We just want a victory, simple as that.”

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