BUFFALO, N.Y. (WIVB)– The AFC Championship Game is not the outcome Bills fans wanted but they stick by their team no matter what.

The fans here at Chippewa’s Playoffs on the Patio braved colder temperatures than the last outdoor viewing party, and many stuck through to the end.

That said, due to New York’s 10 p.m. curfew, the score, and just about two minutes left on the clock at 10, the crowd cleared quite quickly.

People News 4 spoke with say they’re sad but thrilled for how far the season went, and say the future is bright.

Bills fan Nathan Mikoll said, “all I gotta say is Josh Allen gave Buffalo hope and he’s gotta come back next year, he has the fan base behind him now, now we need to drive, we score points, and we need to finish.”

“I’m very proud of them, and even though we didn’t make it to the super bowl, who gives a flying…frog? Flying bison, great beer,” said Tia Dabney.

Michael, another Bills fan said, “Not a very happy ending for this one not gonna lie. We’re building up at this point, but we didn’t get it. That’s it.”

After the game, some fans made their way to city hall taking at the end of the season by checking out the massive banners.

It was never a crowd, just handfuls of fans coming and going, grabbing their final photos of the season.