BINGHAMTON, NY – The City of Binghamton has upped its reward for information as police detectives continue to investigate who shot 12-year-old Aliza Spencer last Thursday.

According to the Binghamton Police, Spencer was shot and killed while walking around the neighborhood with her family along Bigelow Street on the city’s Eastside.

Interviews with her father and brother, canvassing of the neighborhood and the review of private home security cameras have yet to turn up a solid lead in the case.

After initially setting a reward amount of 10 thousand dollars for help in finding the perpetrator, members of the community have pledged additional funding, bringing the reward up to 19 thousand, 500 dollars.

Mayor Jared Kraham says cracking the case in the police department’s top priority.

“People obviously have a lot of questions. Our detectives are working day and night to answer those questions. This is a very difficult case, as we detailed last week at the press conference. We’re looking to put together pieces as much as possible,” he says.

Those with any information are urged to contact the Binghamton Police Detective Bureau at 772-7080.

Meanwhile, a GoFundMe account established to help the family cover funeral expenses has raised over 10 thousand dollars toward its 15 thousand dollar goal.

If you are interested in donating, you can find a link at