Biden’s Build Back Better Plan debates continue


WASHINGTON DC – Democrats are pushing the President’s social spending plan, to appeal to the American public.

Meanwhile, Republicans say the B-B-B spells disaster for the country.

NewsChannel 34’s Basil John reports on the message from both parties as house Dems aim to pass this bill soon.

House Democrats want to put President Biden’s Build Back Better Plan on a fast track to pass.

“The best way to grow the economy is to invest in working families, to invest in middle class families by making sure they can access all of the opportunities that exist in this country,” says David Cicilline.

Rhode Island Democrat Congressman David Cicilline says the bill works together with the bipartisan infrastructure plan.

“When you take the bipartisan infrastructure bill along with the Build Back Better legislation, which we are about to pass, we’re going to create one and half million jobs a year for a decade,” says Cicilline.

New York Congressman Hakeen Jeffries says the BBB focuses on top concerns like child care, universal pre-k, healthcare costs and climate crisis.

“The Build Back Better Act will invest in a Green Economy, it will invest in a sustainable economy, it will invest in a resilient economy,” says Jeffries.

“Stop the spending! The spending is the thing that’s driving inflation and we don’t want more inflation,” says Scalise.

Louisiana Republican Congressman Steve Scalise blames the president and Democrats for increased prices and says the Build Back Better Plan will only make the situation worse.

“We are against trillions of more spending, borrowed from our kids, borrowed from China, that will fuel the inflation that is already too high,” says Scalise.

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