WASHINGTON, D.C. – President Biden says just look at the store shelves.

They’re not empty as so many predicted they would be this holiday season.

As NewsChannel 34’s Jessi Turnure shows us, the president credits the action he and business leaders took together to straighten out the kinks in the nation’s supply chain.

{{President Joe Biden}} “Shelves are not empty.”

President Biden says supply chain issues did not play the Grinch after all.

Despite fears of product shortages, Americans have been able to put presents under the tree.

“Packages are moving. Gifts are being delivered.”

“Delivery times for this season for FedEx, UPS and the U.S. Postal Service are faster than before the pandemic even as Americans have purchased a record amount of goods.”

In a meeting with the White House Supply Chain Task Force made up of cabinet members and CEOs, the president reported retail inventory is up three percent from last year.

And FedEx CEO Fred Smith said as ports and trucking companies hire more workers, the supply chain is beginning to get back on track.

“Most of Santa Claus’ products will be delivered to the consumers.”

Both Smith and President Biden also credit the progress made in unsticking bottlenecks between congested ports and stores.

“We’re moving toward 24/7 operations at the ports.”

Port officials say the administration’s plan to extend port operation hours and provide incentives for shippers to move goods faster seems to be working.

“It is going to be a good holiday season.”

On Thursday, the Biden administration will announce $230 million in grants for ports from the new infrastructure law to further speed up deliveries and drive down prices.

“Addressing these costs has been and will continue to be my top priority of the entire administration.”

Though President Biden says the biggest weapon in his arsenal is his social spending and climate plan which is stuck in Congress.

In Washington I’m Jessi Turnure.