Tioga County – A Tioga County hemp grower, processor and C-B-D producer is part of a collective effort to make certain small farmers are represented in New York’s rollout of the recreational marijuana industry.

Tricolla Farms has been growing hemp for CBD products in Berkshire since 2018.

Founded by Brittany and Erik Carbone, Tricolla is vertically integrated, it also operates a hemp processing plant called Bardo Labs in Sayre, Pennsylvania and produces its own line of C-B-D topicals, tinctures, pre-rolled hemp flower, vapes, chocolates and even dog biscuits under the Tonic brand.

Erik says they’re committed to clean, organic and sustainably-grown cannabis.

“Being completely transparent, showing and educating people about our farm, our practices here at the farm, our practices at the lab, and the quality that we put behind it. The reason we want to stay craft, rather than expanding dramatically, is to make sure that we are focusing on quality over quantity,” says Carbone.

Tricolla Farms is a member of the New York State Cannabis Growers and Processors Association where Carbone serves as co-chair of the education committee.

He says it’s important for small growers to band together as the industry expands from hemp and medical marijuana into recreational marijuana in New York.

Carbone says Bardo Labs had to be located in Sayre after New York State wouldn’t even consider their processing license application.

“We’re a large group of small farmers who know the industry in and out. We’ve built this industry since 2018 for the state. Now, it’s about time to reward the people that helped build this business,” says Carbone.

Carbone says it’s also important that communities of color, service-injured veterans and legacy dealers benefit from marijuana legalization.

Meanwhile, Tricolla drastically reduced the amount of hemp it grew this year, down from 5 acres to 1.

That’s because of a glut in the market of both hemp plants and C-B-D extracts.

C-B-D products are said to curb inflammation and relieve anxiety.

You can purchase their products and learn more about their practices at TonicVibes.com.