BINGHAMTON, N.Y. (WIVT/WBGH) – Whether you can grow facial hair or not, there’s a way to participate in No Shave November, and raise money to combat hunger.

Bearded Broome is a spin off of No Shave November, in which participants are encouraged to forgo shaving for the entire month.

The initiative started in 2021, and uses it as an opportunity to raise awareness and funds for CHOW. Since 2021, Bearded Broome has raised nearly 50 thousand dollars.

Founder Dickie White says that you create a fundraising profile online, to get your friends, family, and organizations to donate to the cause.

“My buddy, who is a trooper, he can’t grow a beard,” White said. “So, he made a profile for his husky, and the husky raised over two-thousand dollars. Anyone can participate. My wife and the great developer Mark Yonaty, they were neck and neck last year, they raised over eleven-thousand dollars between the two of them. My wife, believe it or not, did not grow a beard.”

This year’s goal is $30,000, and, only three days into November, it has already raised close to $5,000.

To donate, or create a fundraising profile, visit