Be prepared for extreme heat this weekend by staying cool at some local parks and businesses


Extreme heat is hitting the region this weekend, and with temperatures expected to reach the upper 90s, it is important residents are prepared for the dangerously hot conditions. News Channel 34’s Eoin Gallagher shows us what some are doing to beat the heat…

Record high temperatures, a common phrase for meteorologists describing the next two days, but while temperatures approach triple digits, it is not the heat that should have people worried. Dave Nicosia the Warning Coordination Meteorologist at the National Weather Service at Binghamton says that the hot temperatures are nothing new, rather it’s the humidity that can be dangerous.
“This air mass is interesting because it has more humidity than we typically see this time of year, so that’s going to really push those heat indexes in many areas above 105 degrees which is our criteria for excessive heat warning.”

The heat index factors in the humidity with the temperature so it’s a better measure for how your body feels out in the sun. While some people are able to avoid being outside in the heat, others like Lou Stevens cannot because of the line of work they are in. Lou Stevens, construction worker says “The sun when it’s bearing down on you just get so hot. We work by the river sometimes and you just want to jump in the Susquehanna.”

Employers may not want their workers jumping in the river to cool off, so many offer extra breaks, making sure their employees take care of their bodies.

“Our boss gives us water we stay well hydrated. In case we get a little too dizzy he tells us to go under the tree, get some shade, and then when we’re ready to go again we get back in the loader and start it all back up.”

Whether it is work or play, there are many reasons people will be out in the heat but there are options for residents looking to stay cool. “And one of the many ways you can beat the heat this weekend is by visiting one of the many local public pools who are offering admission free of charge during this heat wave.”

Debra Strabo leads a school age program in Binghamton and when the weather is hot she says the pool is the perfect place to bring the kids. “The pool is great the lifeguards are good, it gives them a lot of opportunities to swim. The park is excellent. These kids really enjoy it and it’s an opportunity for them to have a little fun for their summer vacation.”

Having fun in the sun at a pool or staying inside at a cooling area, there are plenty of options for residents of Broome County to beat the heat. Designated cooling areas include the Oakdale Mall and Broome County Public Library.

Click on the following links to see a full list of cooling centers near you or visit to learn how to protect your heart during extreme heat.

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