BINGHAMTON, NY – (WIVT/WBGH) Paul Battisti has declared victory over Michael Korchak as voters name him November’s Republican nominee for Broome County District Attorney.

According to unofficial results from the Broome County Board of Elections, Battisti led Korchak with 56% of the vote in Tuesday’s election. Votes are not official until certified by the Board but, after counting the data from all 113 election districts, current numbers show Battisti in the lead by approximately 1,000 votes.

This election is a repeat of the 2019 Republican Primary when Battisti and Korchak first faced off for their name on the ballot. Battisti was victorious in the primary until he was met with Korchak again in the general election. Korchak ran on the third-party ticket, representing the Libertarian Party, and defeated both Battisti and Democratic candidate Debra Gelson for the role of Broome County District Attorney. However, there will be no third-party line for Korchak to run on this time.

Battisti released a statement saying he is truly humbled and honored and ready to start preparing for the general election.

Battisti will face Democratic candidate and former Binghamton Mayor, Matt Ryan, in the 2024 general election.