COOPERSTOWN, NY – A Delaware County artist is lifting the spirits of patients and their families with a new installation at a local hospital.

Sculptor Bobby Jacobs and his wife Elizabeth attended the official unveiling of an angel wings monument outside of Bassett Hospital in Cooperstown last week.

Jacobs hand carves the wings out of bluestone at his studio in Franklin.

There’s also a bench for quiet contemplation near the sculpture which can be seen from dozens of hospital rooms at Bassett.

It’s the 4th set of angel wings that Jacobs has donated to hospitals or memorial sites.

He says the response is always emotional.

“I’ll give you an example. At Dell Children’s Hospital in Austin, Texas, we presented a set of angel wings dedicated to a young man who passed away there. A little 8 year-old girl wrote me a letter, I get choked up saying it. She wrote me a letter, she said, ‘Every day, I see your wings outside my window and I make them take me down there so that I can touch them.’ She wasn’t thought to make it, she had a bad heart problem. A year later, we got a letter from her father who said she made it, she was home and she still goes back to see the wings. That’s the kind of reaction we get. That’s why we keep doing it,” says Jacobs.

Hospital officials say people have already begun posing in front of the sculpture in a way that looks as if they have wings.

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