Back pain/strain


Back pain is frequently caused by a musculoskeletal spasm after heavy lifting, prolonged stooping activities, or even minor trauma. There are other, less common, causes for back pain, such as a slipped disc, a tumor, or kidney disease. Once the cause of back pain is determined, a treatment plan can be developed. Treatment may include medication, physical therapy, and stretching exercises, for strengthening and conditioning the back. Muscle strain can be treated with trigger point injections which involve placing local anesthetic and anti-inflammatory steroids within the area of the spasm. The facet joints between the vertebrae, or building blocks of the spine, can be injected to relieve or reduce pain. Epidural steroid injections can relieve pain associated with back strain, as well as slipped discs. If the pain came on suddenly, or is unrelated to lifting or moving, or is associated with fever, leg numbness, leg weakness, or urinary difficulty, you should consult a doctor immediately. If the pain has been present for more than a week without improvement, you should consult a doctor and make an appointment. For more information on back pain and strain, consult a health care provider.

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