A Binghamton University professor has been forced to change the rules of her classroom after conservative media outlets objected to her prioritizing classroom participation by minorities over white men.

According to Fox News, Sociology Professor Ana Maria Candela wrote in her original syllabus for her Social Change, Introduction to Sociology spring course that she would be following a practice known as “progressive stacking” during classroom discussions.

The syllabus allegedly went on to indicate that non-whites, women and those who are shy and quiet would get priority when raising their hands.

A university spokesman says the syllabus and progressive stacking violate the school’s Faculty Staff Handbook and that the section has since been removed.

Here is the university’s full statement:
“Binghamton University faculty seek to engage all students in their classes in active participation, including those who are shy or lack self-confidence. The Faculty Staff Handbook outlines principles of effective teaching, which include valuing and encouraging student feedback, encouraging appropriate faculty-student interaction, and respecting the diverse talents and learning styles of students. The syllabus statement you have brought to our attention clearly violates those principles. The faculty member has updated their syllabus, removing the section in question, and is now in compliance with the Faculty Staff Handbook.”