BINGHAMTON, NY – Binghamton High School Students and staff held their annual cleanup event in honor of the late Harper Stantz.

This was the 4th year holding the event.

Volunteers were asked to wear yellow or tie die, as those were Stantz’s favorites.

Harper Stantz, a junior at Binghamton High School, was struck and killed by a driver on heroin in 2019.

Volunteers walk and clean the west side neighborhood around the high school.

Maddie Weinheimer was in the same class as Harper, and graduated in 2020.

She says Stantz has a large impact on the community and brings everyone together.

“Harper really cared about the environment and we knew that it was something that was important to her and we wanted to share that. It also gives kids at Binghamton High School a way to remember her and also get volunteer hours and community service,” she says.

The cleanup event went from 4 to 6.

Weinheimer said that there was many more volunteers than expected.

To cap off the event, volunteers released disposable, yellow bags into the sky and watched them float away.