Avoiding hedge trimmer hazards


The electric hedge trimmer is extremely dangerous. It’s designed to cut through branches the width of your finger and when used carelessly can cause severe accidents. Whenever you operate an electric or gasoline powered device, you should read the manual first. The manufacturer will know best how their product should be used to ensure safety. Look around the hedge you’re trimming and be aware of any hidden wires. Pick up toys and yard equipment that could trip you as you work. Don’t allow pets or children in your work area to prevent being startled. Hedge trimmers are quite loud and you might not hear someone approaching you until after an accident has occurred. Remember to wear safety glasses every time you use the hedge trimmers. You should start your trimming close to your power source and work away, allowing the cord to trail behind you and not get underfoot. Just use your common sense. You shouldn’t ever trim while it’s wet outside because debris will stick to your blade, and there’s a very real danger of electrocution. Wet grass can be very slippery, so wait until the dew has dried on the ground before starting your trimming. Sometimes branches can get jammed in the blade. Be sure the power is off and the trimmers unplugged before attempting to remove branches manually.

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