BINGHAMTON, NY – A local lawyer known for filing high-profile lawsuits is now the subject of a suit himself, alleging sexual assault, harassment and legal malpractice.

An Endicott woman identified by the initials A-M-P filed suit against Ron Benjamin in November 2019.

The suit alleges that the woman hired Benjamin in 2016 to represent her in a divorce and custody battle.

According to the complaint, Benjamin took advantage of the woman’s lack of resources by sexually harassing and belittling her and coercing her to have sexual contact.

The plaintiff alleges that Benjamin had her come to his Binghamton home on numerous occasions to discuss her case and sign papers.

During the course of those visits, the woman accuses Benjamin of groping her and forcing her to perform oral sex.

The woman also claims that Benjamin pressured her into signing a settlement for 3 thousand dollars and that Benjamin then kept all of that money as his legal fees.

The lawsuit also claims that Benjamin failed to properly represent the woman in Family Court leading her to lose custody of her children.

The suit seeks an unspecified amount of money from Benjamin and his law firm as punitive damages.

Benjamin tells NewsChannel 34 that “it is a frivolous lawsuit brought by a disgruntled client who, among other things, is a pathological liar.”

Benjamin has filed his own suit against the Syracuse law firm representing the woman alleging that the firm was engaged in retaliating against him on behalf of another Binghamton-area firm.

Benjamin says that local firm sought retribution after being forced to settle a case he had brought against it.

The lawsuit filed against Benjamin is below:

Efca2019003543 a m p v Ronald r Benjamin Esq Et Al Summons Complaint 1 by Emily Venuti on Scribd

The lawsuit Benjamin filed is below:

7 23 21 Verified Complaint Ecf_2 by Emily Venuti on Scribd