ALBANY, NY – With more migrants expected to come to New York, questions on where to house them remain.

One option could be SUNY Campuses. NewsChannel 34’s Jamie DeLine has reaction on this possibility.

New York City currently has more 41,000 asylum seekers with about 15 more buses of migrants on their way.

With New York City at capacity, Governor Hochul’s team is now searching for all available state properties for housing.

In an interview with NY1 on Wednesday she said, “Clearly a SUNY campus lends itself to immediate help, but long-term, we have to have it free by August. So, what happens in August? So these are the questions we’re asking right now. We are looking at every possible property in the State of New York to help have a relief valve for the City of New York.”

SUNY telling me, “At Governor Hochul’s direction, we are assessing whether there are SUNY resources available to help with the arrival of asylum seekers.”

“First of all, I think it’s a big mistake. It’s very disturbing. “

Republican assemblyman Chris Tauge says this doesn’t deal with Root of the problem.

“This whole problem could be stopped at the border.”

Both republicans and democrats say the federal government needs to do more to help with this crisis. Last week, the governor wrote President Biden a letter requesting temporary shelters on federal land. I’m told The Biden Administration confirmed receipt of letter on Friday and has been consistently in touch.

At a press conference on Monday, Hochul called for a change to the federal government’s work authorization rules.

“If they would simply allow these individuals to have a sooner path to work authorization, 30 days instead of waiting the 150, It’d be a game changer.”

Already, New York City has spent over a billion dollars with the state providing another billion to help with the crisis.

Reporting in Albany, I’m Jamie DeLine.