BINGHAMTON, NY – With Govenor Hochul announcing a mask mandate, County Executive Jason Garnar asks everyone to make responsible decisions this time of year.

Starting Monday, everyone will be required to wear masks in indoor, public places unless a business or venue chooses to go with a vaccination requirement.

Garnar says next week, he will take the time to talk to and educate businesses on what all this mandate entails and how to safely go about it.

He says numbers are already rising and we haven’t even gotten to Christmas and New Years yet.

“Holidays are supposed to be about giving back, and doing good to others. I can’t think of any better way to give back and do good and to others than by helping end this pandemic. It’s all up to us working together and please do the right thing, you know what you have to do,” says Garnar.

Garnar mentioned that hopefully as early as next week a mass vaccination site will be up and running.

For the time being, the rapid testing site will now be able to offer 250 tests a day starting next week.

Garnar asks that if you feel sick, get tested and isolate until you get your results back.