BINGHAMTON, NY (WIVT/WBGH) – Tri-Cities Opera is digging deep into its storage to create a creepy, immersive and melodious experience.

In honor of Halloween, TCO is presenting Madness and The Medium, a 2 part performance that takes the audience through the Opera Center on Clinton Street.

It begins with the Madness portion as the audience walks through the scene shops where resident artists will sing 4 arias from different operas.

Scenic designer AmarA*jk says it’s been fun putting some of the opera’s little-used set pieces and props to good use.

AmarA*jk says, “The shops at Tri-Cities Opera are kind of spooky all on their own. They don’t need a lot of help because we’ve got statues around, and set pieces hanging out from here and there, and this thing and the other thing, and broken props all over the place. So, we’re just accentuating that and then adding in some music.”

The second portion takes place in the performance space with a full staging of Menotti’s “The Medium” which features a con artist psychic who has the tables turned on her.

The production runs Friday, Saturday and Sunday with the audience split into 2 groups for the haunted house portion in the scene shops.

On Friday and Saturday at 7 p.m. and Sunday at 3, a VIP version will be offered for $65 with a themed reception of sweet and savory treats between the tour and the performance of The Medium.

For $40, come at 7:30 or 3:30 for the haunted house followed by The Medium, skipping the reception.

For tickets and more information, go to