BINGHAMTON, NY (WIVT/WBGH) – Tomorrow’s First Friday Art Walk features a look back at some earlier works by a longtime local artist and gallery owner.

Orazio Salati is exhibiting “That Was Then” at his gallery on State Street.

It’s a collection of mixed media artwork combining photographs and acrylic paint in a technique known as Photo Peinture.

The works are from 25 to 30 years ago when Salati was still teaching art at Union-Endicott High School.

He discovered that he had a number of photographs that he had taken of models to use for reference when painting and decided to incorporate them.

But he did so in a way that camouflages the collage.

Salati said, “I thought it would be a very creative process of doing the collage aspect and it would be fun to kind of hide the photograph a bit. So, when you look at the pieces, you don’t really see a photograph. But as you get closer and closer, start focusing in, you might see a little line of where the paper ends and the canvas begins.”

The Gallery will be passing out free pins in support of Ukraine that were created by Salati’s grand niece during tomorrow evening’s opening from 6 to 9.

The gallery is also open Saturday from 10 to 4 and every other Saturday this month from 11 to 3.

Salati said he’s looking forward to a rebirth of the State Street Artists Row with the easing of pandemic fears, the completion of the reconstruction of the street and the Arts Council opening a gallery on the street.