BINGHAMTON, NY (WIVT/WBGH) – The organ at Trinity Memorial Church in Binghamton is about to get a workout.

Organ virtuoso Paul Thornock is performing a recital tomorrow evening.

Thornock began playing the organ as a child and earned his Masters of Music degree from Notre Dame and Doctor of Music at the Cincinnati Conservatory.

He’s currently the organist at the Cathedral Basillica of Saint john the Baptist in Savannah Georgia.

He’ll be playing a program that includes works by J.S. Bach and Louis Vierne.

In fact, Thornock says he chose Bach’s Toccata in F because it shows off some fancy footwork.

He says his goal is to put the instrument at the center of the performances rather than just demonstrate technicla wizardry.

“It’s important for the organist to win friends for the organ. There are misconceptions about the organ as some sort of dreary, moaning instrument and so I’ve tried to choose pieces that show off the colors of the organ, to make the program interesting for the listener. Catchy tunes, things that will bring listeners and friends to the organ.”

Thornock’s recital takes place tomorrow evening at 7 at Trinity Memorial on Main Street across from Binghamton High School.

There is no admission fee but a free will offering will be accepted.