BINGHAMTON, NY (WIVT/WBGH) – A stunning floral display that entertained audiences at a prestigious flower show is now on exhibit in downtown Binghamton.

The large arrangement is on display this month at the Broome County Arts Council’s Artisan Gallery on State Street.

It was produced by David Yacaginsky, owner of Woodfern Florist in Binghamton, along with Kimberli Schwartz.

The floral display was on exhibit last month at the Philadelphia Flower Show.

Yacaginsky and Schwartz were instructed to create the piece using one color, turquoise, and one flower, a protea.

The arrangement uses a variety of blossom sizes from the tropical flower which is typically colored pink, green or yellow.

Even the strands that hang down are made from protea petals.

Yacaginsky primed the flowers and then coated them with multiple layers of spray paint.

“Doing that over and over, it’s a good flower that dries. Additionally, with all of the paint that was over it, it kind of sealed it all into place. So, that’s why this piece is about a month old and we would expect it to last maybe a few more months.”

The piece is also accented with hanging strings of clear beads and peacock feathers.

Yacaginsky says it was the first time he has displayed at the Philadelphia Flower Show and he hopes he gets invited back again.