Art for Peace Zoom groups invite those who want to reset their minds and be creative


Those looking for peace of mind during this uncertain time are invited to a Zoom group focused on well being.

Art for Peace was started by Artist, Art Therapist and Activist Doctor Barbara Fish following the 9-11 attacks.

What started as a group of art students at a kitchen table has now revamped itself into a virtual space inviting anyone who needs a break from isolation or a chance to harness their inner creativity.

Participants do not have to present or make anything formal, and the group is open to come and go as you please.

Fish says that while the coronavirus is about social distancing, Art for Peace is about social connecting.

“Regardless of what you view is on what’s happening, just to become your clearest thinking self. To respond to your environment instead of react. Because I think many times we make poor decisions in what we do because we react. Out of fear or out of confusion. This is to calm us down so that we’re thinking clearly,” says Fish.

Fish adds that some participants have come from China, Israel and more.

She says that ages range from 4 to 95.

Fellow artist, advocate and Creativity Facilitator Elizabeth Bryan-Jacobs runs the Thursday groups.

Bryan, who lives in Franklin, says art helps her connect to the world around her and helps answer some of her deepest questions.

“I have known the benefits of creativity and art making my whole life and this is really an opportunity for other people to kind of have that experience without, as Dr. Fish was saying, having to make a formal piece of art or even, you know, sculpt or paint. Knitting is welcome, sewing is welcome, writing is welcome, just hanging out and chatting is welcome,” says Bryan.

Sessions run Thursdays from 5 to 8 P-M and Fridays from 7 to 10 P-M.

To join the Thursday group you can contact Bryan at

To join on Fridays, you can contact Fish at

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