Apalachin runner completes self-created marathon


APLACHIN, NY- An Apalachin woman completed her first marathon on Saturday.

However, as NewsChannel 34’s Cam Lavallee tells us, it was far from your ordinary road race.

For the last four months, Apalachin’s Rory Lavallee has been training for the Rock ‘N’ Roll Marathon in Washington D.C. She has put in countless hours and has worked tirelessly to prepare.

Whether it was getting up in the early morning, or going for a run in the dark after work, nothing was going to deter her from running the race come March 28.

That was until the coronavirus pandemic postponed major events all all over the country, including her marathon.

Facing the decision of what to do next, Lavallee says it was an easy and instant choice.

“Everything was getting canceled around that time. And so, I decided before it even got canceled that no matter what, I was still going to run my 26.2 miles, whether it was in a real race, or by myself on the road,” says Lavallee.

And that’s exactly what she did.

On the same day she was set to run in the nation’s capital, she instead took to the streets of Apalachin to get in her mileage.

Beginning around 7:30 AM, Lavallee ran several laps around the Old Owego Road area down 434.

While she had some company for almost half the race, she still ran the majority surrounded only by trees, passing cars, and homemade fans.

“Mentally was definitely the hardest part, especially in the beginning because part of me just didn’t want to do it. As I got started, I could think, oh I can just stop. Once it got further along, I was like well I’ve come that far, might as well keep going.”

However, Lavallee persevered and finished with a time of three hours, thirty-seven minutes, and eighteen seconds, a terrific time for her first marathon.

It even came with an awards ceremony.

I was lucky enough to be a part of it as her crew member, giving her fuel, water, and of course, support. I also chronicled her race via Facebook and Instagram for friends and family to follow along, leading to an outpour of support and love.

“I was definitely surprised by how many people reached out. It was really wonderful to get that kind of support, granted, I found out afterwards. But, still, it was really awesome to see that everyone was following and cheering me on, mentally, while I was doing it,” says Lavallee.

She was also thankful for her incredible husband’s help, but has latched onto a memory she will hold over my head for years to come.

“He was, actually, quite wonderful. Minus the salt pill that he dropped because that cost me nine seconds,” says Lavallee.

If nine seconds lost was the biggest downside to a lifelong memory, that’s a tradeoff we’ll both take.

After not getting the opportunity this time around, Lavallee is already planning on running the DC Marathon come next spring.

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