BINGHAMTON, NY – (WIVT/WBGH) A local artist, who used NewsChannel 34 as her muse, has created another piece inspired by our website.

Erin Waye has finished her second painting based on our Security Mutual webcam. The painting is 30 inches by 40 inches in size and was created using acrylic paints. It is a part of a five-painting series depicting different scenes in Binghamton called “Translations of the Tiers and Beyond.”

Waye, who enjoys painting streetscapes, completed her first Binghamton Homepage inspired painting in November of last year. While watching the evening news, she noticed the webcam and was moved to recreate the shot. She went to, looked up the cam, and studied it for days, taking multiple pictures of it at different times a day to find the right lighting. Once she found the perfect shot, she completed it in less than a month.

The second Security Mutual webcam painting, along with the four others in the series, will be exhibited at the Artisan Gallery and Art Path Gallery throughout the month of September.