Animal Adventure welcomes a new tropical addition


Animal Adventure has a new tropical addition to its park in Harpursville.

Earlier this week, 4 Chilean Flamingos, 1 male and 3 females, were put on display. The species are considered to be near-threatened meaning that their population could decline in the future. They originally arrived last Fall as chicks and were hand-reared and named Rogue, Rose, Coral and Pinky. Currently, they’re more of a peach color but in about a year they’re expected to be more pink due to their diet of crustaceans and other pink-colored invertebrates. Owner Jordan Patch says the birds are from a colder climate in South America and therefore a perfect fit for Upstate New York.

“The Chilean Flamingos have been on display for just about a half a week now and our guests love them. Not only are they a beautiful bird but they are quite personable and engaging with our guests through the viewing windows and from our giraffe deck.”

The park also has 2 new Asian small clawed otters on display named Blossom and Moe. You can see them frolicking on the ground as well as in their pond through a special underwater viewing window. For more information, go to the

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