Animal Adventure reopens for the season with new giraffe, Desmond


HARPURSVILLE, NY – It’s opening day for Animal Adventure.

It has a lot of new and exciting things coming up for guests to start its 9th season.

After a year of COVID, the park is looking forward to things starting to return to a sense of normalcy again.

However, kicking off their 9th season without their beloved April, definitely leaves a lot of people with empty hearts.

Today locals, as well as people from about a dozen different states, came to visit their favorite animals.

After the loss of April, the park was able to bring in a new baby giraffe named Desmond.

Desmond is about a year and half old and was out and about enjoying lots of carrots from visitors.

Bringing Desmond in now brings the total number of giraffes back up to 4.

It is too soon to tell if the adult female giraffe, Johari is pregnant but Desmond may have a new friend in the future.

Owner of Animal Adventure, Jordan Patch says you can call them “giraffic park.”

“Desmond is adjusting great to our crowds, we didn’t know exactly what to anticipate but he was welcomed with open arms by many people today and is doing just fine with that warm welcoming. He’s adjusted to living with his companion, Taj, and we’re looking forward to a great season with him,” says Patch.

Normally male giraffes cannot be in the same area together, however since Desmond is still a baby and Taj just reached that mature age, there is no issue with them being together for the time being.

When male giraffes leave their mothers, they often form bachelor groups in the wild and roam together.

Jean Hamilton traveled all the way from Richfield, Connecticut and says she has lost track of how many times she’s been here.

“Desmond is very cute, I’m glad Taj has a friend. It opens your heart just a little bit more and gets rid of the sadness of losing our sweet April. It really, it helped. It really made everybody smile,” says Hamilton.

While the loss of April was devastating to many, it seems like Desmond has already captured the hearts of many people today.

Another thing visitors can look forward to is a new Aussie Outpost where you can now walk amongst the kangaroos.

Patch said their focus was on their Australian section of the zoo this year which includes many new experiences not only for visitors, but for the animals as well.

One more exciting thing the start of each new season means it’s also baby season.

Just today, on opening day, a baby reindeer was born.

The reindeer is a male and has not yet been named.

The park is open 7 days a week from 10 to 5.

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