HARPURSVILLE, NY – Animal Adventure Park in Harpursville is touting a new designation that proves it has high standards when it comes to the safety and well being of its animals and guests.

Animal Adventure announced today that it has received accreditation from the Zoological Association of America or ZAA.

The ZAA is a member-based organization dedicated to wildlife management, conservation and education.
Animal Adventure submitted its application in September and hosted a 2 day site visit.

ZAA representatives reviewed how the animals were cared for, the buildings and grounds and the financial stability of the park.

Owner Jordan Patch says Animal Adventure received particularly high marks for its commitment to safety.

“This team behind me practices throughout the year a number of different drills, from animal escapes to active shooters to injury, you name it. What’s remarkable, and something I’m very proud of, is that when we do these drills, unannounced to them, they perform and they perform well,” says Patch.

The accreditation is good for 5 years at which time Animal Adventure will need to reapply.

Patch says it will help the park access more species survival programs and forge more partnerships with other Z-A-A accredited institutions.

He says the Z-A-A differs from the Association of Zoos and Aquariums, or A-Z-A, in that the Z-A-A tends to include smaller and privately owned facilities.