ALBANY, NY – The recent Siena College Poll shows that the race for the GOP nomination for New York Governor may be closer than some would have you believe.

For the 4th poll in a row, former Trump White House staffer Andrew Giuliani has pulled much higher favorability numbers than Long Island Congressman Lee Zeldin or former Westchester County Executive Rob Astorino.

Giuliani has also had much higher unfavorable numbers.

He concedes that some of that may be due to the name recognition of his father, former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani.

But he also attributes it to his grassroots campaign of getting out and meeting with Republican voters.

Giuliani says Zeldin’s use of the term “presumptive nominee” has helped his campaign.

“We have a saying now in our campaign: ‘Presume nothing, just win.’ So, for us, it’s a matter of we don’t want a few people in a back room in Albany deciding who the Republican nominee is. I want the 2.9 million registered Republicans around the state to decide who the Republican nominee is,” says Giuliani.

Giuliani also notes that over 60 percent of respondents registered “don’t know” or “no opinion” responses when asked their opinions of Zeldin and Astorino.

The Zeldin campaign says its grassroots support is second to none with 34,000 donations received, thousands of volunteer signups, and hundreds of endorsements from elected officials and other leaders.

Zeldin also has a commanding lead in campaign cash, taking in over 8.4 million dollars.

What his full interview below: