ENDICOTT, NY – The Giuliani name may once again come to prominence in New York politics.

As NewsChannel 34’s Roy Santa Croce shows us, Rudy and and his son Andrew Giuliani visited Endicott yesterday to launch Andrew’s campaign for New York Governor.

Andrew Giuliani served as a special assistant to President Donald Trump throughout his time in office.

Andrew’s campaign is centered around the motto, Make New York State Great Again.

The political rally attracted close to 100 people to George W Johnson Memorial Park on the village’s Northside.

When asked about his plans to revitalize Greater Binghamton, Andrew labeled the area as the valley of opportunity.

“And fracking has progressed so much in terms of clean technology and what it would do. I think it’s holding the region back. With that being said, I know also in Endicott there is a battery factory that’s coming in, that’s gone in. I am not against exploring clean energy, I just want want it to be viable, and from everything I have seen so far, it is not viable to be the majority of our energy here. Not just in New York, but in all the United States,” he said.

If elected governor, Andrew says a day one policy would be a full repeal of Bail Reform.

He thinks that it has been a complete disaster, and says that in the three years since it has been singed into law, crime has basically doubled across New York State.

Another focal point of Giuliani’s campaign is to bring businesses and economic development back into New York.

We asked Andrew Giuliani to sum up his campaign into a single phrase and he responded with the acronym SAVE.

“Save New York, and here’s how I’ll go alright, stop crime, right, A, anti-mandate, V, voter identification, E, educational choice, and I guess we can get a T in there, tax cuts and regulatory reform. I don’t know where the T fits in there but…” he added.

Andrew challenged the other Republican candidates to a number of debates before Primary Day on June 28th.

Andrew says he wants as transparent of an election process as possible.

In Endicott, Roy Santa Croce, NewsChannel 34.