An SV bus driver saves a man’s life then completes her route on-time


A local school bus driver made a stop on her route that she won’t soon forget. 

Sue Martin has been a bus driver for the Susquehanna Valley School District for 37 years.

Back in February, she was just starting her route when she was passing her friends the Howe’s house around 7 am and noticed something off.

Maurice Howe, who is in his 80s was laying in the driveway.

Martin got off the bus and discovered Howe had fallen on the way to get the paper and could not get up.

She went into the house, got Howe’s wife to call for help and took a blanket outside to keep him warm and tended to wounds on his head until help arrived. 

Days later, Martin received a message from Howe’s daughter stating that he had broken his shoulder, arm, was frozen to the ground and had been lying there since 5:30 that morning.

The message went on to say that Howe would have died if he was exposed to the weather for just minutes more.

Martin says her passing by at that time was just meant to be. “At first I was shocked. I thought I was just helping a friend in need. Then I realized the severity of it and it was like wow. I had no idea, no idea. I’m just grateful I saw him.”

Martin says she has seen Howe since that day and that he’s doing better but still recovering.

On top of saving Howe’s life, she was able to complete her bus route that morning on time.

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