BINGHAMTON, NY – The American Legion is doing its part to address veteran suicide and homelessness.

The Legion is holding its New York State convention at the Visions Veterans Memorial Arena in Binghamton this week.

Today, the New York Department formally announced 2 grants aimed at reducing veteran homelessness and suicide.

Thirty-four thousand dollars is going to the Veterans and Community Housing Coalition which is developing housing for female veterans that would allow them to continue living with their children.

The second grant for one-hundred thousand will fund a pilot program to expand RTM Protocol, a type of PTSD treatment.

State Commander Francis LaMarsh says the RTM Protocol has eliminated PTSD symptoms in over 90% of patients, takes less than five hours, and doesn’t use any drugs.

“If we can help even just one person, you cannot put a price tag on that and that means so very very much to me. One person saved could be one life saved, one less suicide,” he said.

The grant money will fund the training of thirty clinicians across the state who will treat 400 veterans.

It is the first step of a full clinical study measuring remission in 9 thousand vets.

The two grants are only the beginning of a one point five million dollar fund dedicated to lowering veteran suicide and homelessness rates.